The Long Haul with Coach Lee Boyce

Lee Boyce is somebody that I have been reading articles on T-Nation for quite a few years now, so it was certainly a pleasure to have him on and not only dig a bit into training, but get to know … Continued

Strong AND Healthy Post Workout Nutrition

This was a fun one to record, but I was a little all over the place. It was hard to focus because there is no one size fits all approach. I did my best to share with you the ins … Continued

Strong AND Healthy Nutrition

Starting to take a deeper dive into the Strong AND Healthy series for you guys, with this one being Nutrition. There will be more that we go into for each section, but for now is a basic overview. This one … Continued

Strong AND Healthy

This is an overview of a multi-part series that I am working on sharing with everybody. It is taking my passion of strength and combining it with being truly healthy and be able to stay in the strength game for … Continued

Concussions, Outsourced PT and 5 Minutes a Day with Travis Robbins

It has taken a while, but my good friend Travis Robbins and I were able to catch up. He is a wizard when it comes to manual therapy and knowing what it takes to become an amazing PT. This is … Continued

Good Reads with Phil White

Phil White came across my radar when I heard about the book Unplugged. Then I looked into his body of work and was absolutely blown away. Not only has he authored some amazing books, but who he is working with … Continued

Balance of Extremes with Chris Duffin

What an honor to have on the show one of the strongest people of all time, Chris Duffin. Chris is somebody who continues to shift paradigms in the strength game, but goes amazingly deep in so many areas. We go … Continued

Being Real with JP Sears

What a blast to have Mr. Ultra Spiritual himself JP Sears. A lot has happened since JP was on the show a few years ago. His videos have gone absolutely viral and his book has probably topped bible sales at … Continued

What is Strong with Tony Gentilcore

After having read Tony’s work for probably 10 years now, I was certainly excited to talk to him. It was certainly fantastic as he has insight on such a wide variety within the fitness industry. He really has seen at … Continued

Strength Consciousness with Nick Horowski

Probably the last solo show for a while, but this one certainly takes a deep dive into awareness and consciousness of strength. One of those that you simply have to give a listen to get an understanding and appreciation for. … Continued

Building Back Health with Nick Horowski

A few people have asked me some questions recently… …and they seemed like they might be pretty universal and good to answer for everybody as well as touch on a few things that I have been up to. Listen up … Continued

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