Communication, Self-Love and Surfing with Aaron Alexander

After coming across Aaron’s podcast a few months back I knew I had to have him on the show and he certainly delivers. He actually does something that has never been done on air before and does not miss a … Continued

Admitting Weakness and Focusing on Strengths with Keith Norris

Paleo f(x) is certainly a dream of mine to go and visit. We have talked about this as a family to make it happen, but before it does I have had the pleasure to speak with one of its creators, … Continued

You Can do Anything for a Minute with Dr. Drew Vercellino

A while after our first chat Drew asked me if he could come back on the show. Of course I agreed to this as we started to dive into some great stuff in the first episode. This was a lot … Continued

Exploration, Risk and Play with Allyson Chrystal

This was a fun dive into play and creativity with Allyson Chrystal and a huge thank you is in order for Guillermo Ruiz for the introduction. He was certainly right that Allyson is at the forefront of sensory integration and … Continued

Return to Strongman with Nick Horowski

It was time to get back to training and competing in strongman. Following my most recent contest this is just me sharing how the show went as well as the important lessons I learned for training and life going forward. … Continued

Patience, Adapting and Consistency with Kalle Beck

In the sport of strongman today Kalle has the absolute go to resource with Starting Strongman. This is the place to go for everybody from the absolute beginner to hardcore enthusiast as he has everything. Kalle has been at the … Continued

The Importance of Adaptability with Dr. Bill Moss

A little while back Dr. Drew Vercellino suggested that I reach out to a colleague of his and because of that I had the pleasure of speaking with Dr. Bill Moss. The biggest thing that I took away from our … Continued

Naturopathic Medicine Found Me with Guillermo Ruiz

A few months back I came across Guillermo on Chris Masterjohn’s podcast, Mastering Nutrition, and knew after hearing him that I wanted to get him on the show and learn more. I am a huge fan of people taking health … Continued

Shapeshifting and Enjoying the Ride with Carl Weston

This was an absolute blast to be able to talk to Carl. We went in a bunch of different directions and each one was as interesting as the next. I was really intrigued by his connection to the raven as … Continued

No Quick Fixes with Dr Mike Israetel

It has been a bit now that I have been checking out some of Mike’s work and he still continues to amaze me each time I hear him speak. What is so great is his depth of knowledge on such … Continued

You Can’t Replace Love with Paul Chek

It is so amazing that I have been blessed with amazing guests on the podcast and this week is no different. Paul was kind enough to come on the show and share so much about health, Love, the universe, shamanic … Continued

Stories, Relationships and Earthships with Billy Perkins

Billy was gracious enough to let me interview him for a second time after I happened to delete the first show. Just like the first time we chatted, he crushed it. There is so much that he has to share … Continued