“Happiness is a Choice” with The Mentee Geoff Woods

About a year back I started to listen to Geoff’s podcast–The Mentee and was absolutely hooked from the beginning. He was very straightforward about sharing both success and struggles in his business. It was more than this though because Geoff … Continued

Zen Archery, Daoist Meditation and Functional Medicine with Dr. Dan Kalish

Throughout the years as a Holistic Lifestyle Coach I have heard quite a bit about Dr. Dan Kalish.   One of my mentors Paul Chek has certainly talked about him, but he certainly stands among the elite functional medicine practitioners … Continued

Resolving Inflammation, Vitamin K2 and Great Sleep with Dr. Chris Masterjohn

Chris is somebody that I have followed for a few years through his writings for the Weston A. Price Foundation. He recently started a podcast entitled The Daily Lipid that I have been geeking out on. This is a very … Continued

Patience, Perseverance, Self-Love and Acceptance with Sarah Rodriguez

When talking to Mike Salemi on the show a few episodes back he recommended that I reach out and contact a member of Team USA’s Synchronized Swimming Team Sarah Rodriguez. After talking with Mike and seeing how excited he was … Continued

The Quickest Way to Health is Through the Stomach with Jamie Sahara Leigh

I was introduced to Jamie by a mutual friend Christopher Peacock.   He was sure that we would have a great conversation and he was right. Jamie helped to simplify some of the thoughts in Ayurveda for me when it … Continued