Stem Cells, Athletic Pubalgia and Barefooting in NYC with Dr. Emily Splichal

It isn’t very often that I come across a podiatrist that I resonate with very strongly in the choices of footwear and movement.

However, Dr. Emily is not your usual podiatrist. She really is on the cutting edge of movement and how it affects all aspects of our life. It was wonderful to hear how she described what you need to do to find the right footwear for yourself. There were quite a few things that I learned and have already started to implement in my practice with patients, but also for myself.

This one is sure to be a big hit and I will need to listen a few times more to pick up all of the nuggets of wisdom that she dropped for everybody.

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Dr. Emily’s Links:


Evidence Based Fitness Academy

Barefoot Strong Summit

You Tube on Athletic Pubalgia


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