Stem Cells, Athletic Pubalgia and Barefooting in NYC with Dr. Emily Splichal

It isn’t very often that I come across a podiatrist that I resonate with very strongly in the choices of footwear and movement. However, Dr. Emily is not your usual podiatrist. She really is on the cutting edge of movement … Continued

Tai Chi Ruler Gongs, Happiness and Adventure Walks with Noelle Monteiro

A few months back I retook Holistic Lifestyle Coach Level 2 and met some amazing people. Noelle was one of them and I knew that we just had to connect and share. She is certainly somebody who goes out and … Continued

Asking the Right Questions in Health, Strongman and Life with Dain Wallis

This was certainly a special episode for me because since I have been back in the strongman game it is just so much fun to speak with other competitors. What really sets this one apart is Dain is light, lean … Continued

Thunder Shirts, Craft Beer and Blood Flow Restriction with Dr. Zach Long

It is always fun learning about new techniques and Zach certainly did that when teaching me about blood flow restriction for healing, strength and hypertrophy training. He is very knowledgeable and great at making complex topics simple for people to … Continued

11-11-07 and Visions of Bone Broth with Chef Lance Roll

Where to even begin with this one. Just an awesome conversation with Chef Lance Roll. For anybody familiar with bone broth you all know who he is and for those that have been lucky enough to have any of his … Continued

Pain Free Training and Improving the Mental Game with Dr. John Rusin

A few months ago I came across Dr. John Rusin’s work and immediately was hooked. Anytime that I see somebody’s work that stands out from both a proper movement pattern emphasis, that is also in a proper range of motion … Continued

Heal, heal, heal and Holistic Management with Abbey Smith

Recently I reached out to the Savory Institute to help learn more about what they are doing for holistic management. In hindsight this was an amazing decision because they put me in contact with Abbey Smith. In this episode she … Continued

Shadow Motivations and Behaviors that Match Values with Mike Bledsoe

For those that are into podcasts as much as I am there is a good chance you have heard Mike on a podcast before. Between Barbell Shrugged and Barbell Business as well as a host of others that he has … Continued