Passion for Movement with Aaron Horschig of Squat University

The squat is not just an exercise, but a movement first. This was a huge takeaway from this amazing conversation I had with Aaron Horschig of Squat university. For sure I love geeking out with a fellow physical therapist on … Continued

The Complete Athlete with Mike Salemi

This is Mike’s second appearance on the show and like a fine wine, he just gets better with age. It was a pleasure to catch up with him again. Mike’s take on the complete athlete was amazing. It really was … Continued

Never Save a Lift with Max Aita

For those of you in the strength community who have lived under a rock for any period of time and don’t know who Max Aita, you are welcome for the introduction. I was lucky enough to chat with him for … Continued

Recovery for the Body as a New Years Goal

This one is simply to welcome you to the New Year! Today I dive into the often overlooked part of recovery when everybody starts off hard charging.   Here is a quick rundown of what I dive into. ENJOY! -Active … Continued

Internal Happiness and the Human Garage with Alex Rizk

A few months back I heard Garry Lineham of the Human Garage on Barbell Shrugged and was just blown away about what he was talking about. He was generous enough to put me in contact with Master Motion Mechanic Alex … Continued

1 Minute Reps with Travis Jewett

A big thanks to Phil White for telling me about Travis Jewett. He certain steered me in the right direction to talk with somebody living in the trenches of getting the body to move at its finest. Combine that with … Continued

Pre Bedtime Routines with Nick Horowski

Today’s episode is to share all about how to get the perfect bedtime routine for yourself. This is not just about when you go to bed and what you eat, but really digging in and getting the most out of … Continued

The Long Haul with Coach Lee Boyce

Lee Boyce is somebody that I have been reading articles on T-Nation for quite a few years now, so it was certainly a pleasure to have him on and not only dig a bit into training, but get to know … Continued

Strong AND Healthy Post Workout Nutrition

This was a fun one to record, but I was a little all over the place. It was hard to focus because there is no one size fits all approach. I did my best to share with you the ins … Continued

Strong AND Healthy Nutrition

Starting to take a deeper dive into the Strong AND Healthy series for you guys, with this one being Nutrition. There will be more that we go into for each section, but for now is a basic overview. This one … Continued

Strong AND Healthy

This is an overview of a multi-part series that I am working on sharing with everybody. It is taking my passion of strength and combining it with being truly healthy and be able to stay in the strength game for … Continued